Significance of Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos always have carried a wealth of meaning with them over the years. For example, a tattoo in the forearm of a woman in Borneo indicated her skill that was capable of uplifting her demand in marriage.

Tattoos encircling the wrist and the fingers had spiritual significance attached to it with the people believing it to be capable of driving away illness. It was seen as a sign of criminality in the East. The triads of Hong Kong pictured a black dragon on the left bicep and a white tiger on the right.

In many countries, the arm tattoos still carry a negative image. It is said that the majority of prisoners in the USA have at least one tattoo design on them. But today with the tattoo artists mixing the designs of the East with the West, they are seen as fashionable.

Popular arm tattoo designs

The Japanese tattoo and the Americana sailor tattoos are all the rage today. The Japanese tattoo designs seen are the cherry blossoms, deities, kio in water to name a few. The slender nature of these figures with the possibility to be stretched out makes them ideal for all types of length. Americana art are seen on the upper arm and the forearm with the design of the nautical star being the most well-liked of the lot. Not much of the Americana designs cover the full arm.

With tattoos reflecting what you are, people go from creepy images to soft designs. Most women prefer delicate images to emphasize their fragility and are given the choice of fairies, flowers, hearts, butterflies, to make their pick. The bolder and the adventurous love to sport scorpions, fire breathing dragons, and skulls. Harley Davidson is a favorite sported by the bike lovers.

Arm tattoos are also used to display the family crests in many parts even today.

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