Get a Star Tattoo Designs

There are many different part of the body that you can tattoo the stars depend on your taste. I've seen star tattoo designs all over the places like neck, face, chest, arm, rib cage, lower belly, ankle, foot and most popular one is the wrist or forearm. Also, you can just design your own star, it doesn't have to have any meaning, just special for you.

Shooting stars

Shooting star tattoos usually associate with a short moment in time that left such a long lasting impression on you. Whether it's a short romance, a special event, a person, or something that happened to you that have may change your life. Everyone has that unforgetable moment which has a deep meaning to their life so the shooting star tattoo designs could fit very well.

Nautical stars

Way before the modern navigation technology, sailors mostly use the star to navigate directions, usually by looking at the North Star. They often have the nautical star tattoos to remind them that the stars will keep them safe and guide them to the right direction. For that reason, the nautical star is considering a symbol of guidance and protection. Some may say it also mean you can be whatever you want to be and create your own destiny.

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