Flower Tattoo Designs

The uncomplicated flower tattoo designs say more than most people give them credit for. They speak not just of the beauty of a single flower, or a bouquet full, but of nature, birth and replenishment. They symbolize so many aspects of life that, by deciding to have a tattoo that is a flower, a person is sending a message or making a statement that will be made for their entire lives. Interestingly, many flowers actually stand for particular things. The lotus flower is the symbol in the East stands for spirituality. While in the West, many of the colors of the flowers stand for things. White means wholesomeness while red represents passion. But the flowers themselves represent certain things; and when deciding what flower you want to be tattooed with, you should be aware of what message you are immortalizing on your body.

One of the most popular flower tattoo designs is the iris. This flower was once linked to death. The Greeks believed that the Iris was the goddess of the rainbow and her job was to take the souls of women down below. Over time, this three=petal flower became associated with good news instead of bad and her petals meant valor, wisdom and faith. Others came to think of this flower as the symbol of their purity and virtue. A person deciding to wear an iris tattooed on their body must see what it means to others as well as its meaning to themselves before deciding it is the statement they want to make. A tattoo of a rose often signifies romance; a lover's passion.

The poppy is used to symbolize those lost during times of war. The anemone was a protector against evil in ancient times, but was then said to be the home of fairies. The Daisy, another symbol of innocence, goes further and protects the fair maiden from a dishonorable suitor. Snowdrops are unlucky as are Bluebells. With all this information, the meaning of those simple flower tattoo designs take on new meanings. They are more than just a little something that is about to be tattooed somewhere on your body. Go to the tattoo parlor and there will be books filled with different kinds of flowers; and then, based on the statement you are looking to make, decide which one you want. Or bring a design of your own and the tattoo artist will use it instead.

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