My Face

Hello My inked members after my revelation last year before I started this blog I started designing and tracing designs for my own shoulder tattoo so today I have it here the main face is some face I got of the net I traced it very slimly to give it a different look and added multiples of tribal’s in it (Tribal’s is my thing) So I found it the other day on a unused flash drive so today I give you my before blog starter idea for some fancy tattoo designs I hope you enjoy this one

Blood let faceIn the mirrors of my soul I see blood and war and nights of cries and days of lore Fascinating fantasies of years in wonder and little worms not born I am the victim of my own mortality I am the victim of my sanity. I face the mirrors of soul not for long as what lies underneath is fierce and strong I tap the veins of my creative night and let the blemish violate the conquest and demise the light I am evil inside and outward I yearn to destroy all and everyone which leaves this plan of fearsome grit i have like you unforeseen power mercy for my truth and power in my eyes I wake up after another death with you no more fears and no more cries in dreams of sighing solution and fear of grasping illumination delight

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