I've finished uploading my portfolio. There were some missteps along the way.

Images uploaded to Blogger are automatically stored in a Picasaweb folder. I didn't know that when I started and actually had another public folder for my portfolio. When I realized that, I deleted the public folder and made the 'default' folder public.

The good news is that I won't have to update Picasaweb manually. The bad news is I had to delete duplicates, which deleted several photos in my posts. Because of the way Picasaweb handles file storage, Blogger couldn't find the remaining photos even though they were in the 'folder'.

Google does some great stuff (privacy paranoia aside) but their directory handling for Photos is really unintuitive, to say the least.

I've also added links to the side bar so instead of digging through old posts to view my work you can go straight to my picasa folder to check out my portfolio.

I welcome comments or critisism as long they're constructive and respectful. Let me know what you think!

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